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Newsletter Development

Client: ETSU Center for Cardiovascular Risks Research
Work: Writing, research, interviewing and layout

CCRR wanted to develop a newsletter to inform community stakeholders and the research community about their activities. We developed a newsletter template featuring multiple sections and content that would be interesting and inspiring to both community members and scientists.

East Tennessee State University’s’ design guidelines were implemented and content development included interviewing and writing about a member of the research team, highlighting successful policy efforts by the center’s director to reduce smoking, and developing engaging content, copy and visuals to drive community engagement and survey participation.

Translation & Transcreation

Client: Dr. Spiller Pure SkinCare Solutions
Work: Translation & Transcreation (German into English)

Premium-quality translation and adaptation of the company’s website content, social media and print marketing materials for high-end, natural skincare products.


Client: Pilates Bridge
Work: Writing

The brief here was to write an article educating Pilates teachers on how best to work with clients who suffer from arthritis. As a health writer who also specializes in teaching Pilates to special populations, this was one of my favorite projects. It requires deep expertise in the topic, research to ensure all the information was sound, and an analysis of the target group (Pilates teachers) to determine the appropriate tone, register and content.

Plain-language Writing

Client: ETSU Center for Cardiovascular Risks Research
Work: Plain-language writing

The Center for Cardiovascular Risks Research (CCRR), a research center at East Tennessee State University, aims to reduce CVD risk factors and address health disparities and healthcare iniquities in Central Appalachia. To build trust and educate the local community, they needed help developing a way to convey their complex research in an easy-to-read 2-page format that adhered to ETSU’s design guidelines. This was the first document that served as a template for the series.

Translation & Editing

Work: Translation & Editing (English into German)

When the Marketing Manager of longtime client was to be featured as the “Health Manager of the Month May/June 2023” by the Association of the Austrian Chambers of Commerce, they naturally turned to us to make sure that every nuance of the translation sounded just right.

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Technical Marketing Translation

Work: Technical Marketing Translation – Pharma
(German to English)

SaaS+ provider XPLN provides products for digital shelf analytics and pricing in the B2B space to empower smart, data-driven decision-making about pricing and positioning. As part of their new branding, we assisted with copywriting and premium into-English translation to get their message across to US-based corporations.

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