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“Eva has been a pivotal member of our team, renowned for her professionalism and timely delivery of accurate medical translations. With an exceptional ability to navigate complex medical terminologies, she made our collaboration seamless and efficient. Her dedication and meticulous attention to detail have significantly enhanced our service quality, earning trust and appreciation in our diverse community of healthcare providers and patients.”


Dr. Nadine Nehme
medicus.ai | Co-Founder & Chief Science Officer

“Eva and I have worked together for around a decade in my capacity as a Project Manager. She occupies the top of my list of vendors for German translation projects. She is a highly-skilled, fantastic translator and a consummate professional in all of our communications—so helpful and personable too.

Eva asks incisive questions when needed and they always demonstrate a deep scrutiny and understanding of the source material. I cannot begin to count the number of times she brought an issue to my attention that identified an error or ambiguity in the English source document that I was then able to pass along to the end client and all of the other linguists working on a project—thereby elevating the quality of all of the translations.

Working for years with a reliable vendor like Eva has given me a terrific template for developing my own freelance translation career—prioritizing integrity, quality and professionalism leads to long-lasting and successful relationships with clients. Eva would be an invaluable asset to any agency or client in need of German language” services.


Caitlin Healy
WCG MedAvante-ProPhase | Project Manger

“Working with Eva has been fantastic. Her translation work in spot on, and she truly understands the ins and outs of the clinical trials industry. Her dedication, flexibility and attention to details have made our projects better. I highly recommend working with Eva.”


Marta Korgol
Imperial Clinical Research Services | Project Manager, Clinical Trial Support

„Wir arbeiten bereits seit mehreren Jahren zusammen und sind immer sehr zufrieden! Frau Stabenow antwortet immer sehr schnell, reagiert auch bei kurzfristigen Deadlines sehr flexibel und liefert Übersetzungen immer termingerecht ab. Wir freuen uns sehr, mit ihr eine verlässliche, kompetente und äußerst freundliche Unterstützung zu haben.“

English Translation:
“We have collaborated for a number of years and are always very satisfied! Ms. Stabenow always responds very quickly, accomodates even tight deadlines with great flexibility and always submits her translations on time. We are delighted to enjoy her reliable, expert and extremely friendly support.”


Teresa Scheurl
The office of Dr. Spiller GmbH | Head of Marketing

“Eva is a fantastic German translator, especially in the sometimes complicated arena of translation for voice-over and subtitling. Finding someone who understands what the voice talent needs in a script without losing the technical components of the subject matter is not easy. I always come knocking on Eva’s door first when I have this kind of work.”


Amanda Cropper
Experis | Studio Director and Graphics Manager

“Eva was one of our German translators in the Dropbox localization program for several years. She always delivered high quality translations and kept up with our crazy deadlines. I highly recommend her services!”


Izabel Arruda
Senior Localization Project Manager | Dropbox

“Although I have worked with Eva for only five years, I have known of her professional reputation as an excellent medical translator for over 15 years. I appreciate her for her integrity in agreements, her dedication to deadlines, her accuracy in research and her ability to consistently lift her peers.

Eva is a woman of her word. If she says she can do it, she will, if she is not quite sure whether she can – she still will (with uncompromising quality), and if she declines, there is a high likelihood that the task assumes faulty conditions. Eva delivers. Every. Time.”


Maren Mentor
Technical Translator Editor and Interpreter

“Eva worked for several years in Dropbox l10n German team. I was one of the PMs, and she was part of a small team that would deal on a daily basis with all the content localized to German. The German team was simply amazing: super committed, followed deadlines very closely, and worked very well as a team for quality deliveries – which is unexpected and rare when you’re dealing with freelancers. Finding Eva to be part of this team was like finding gold.”


Maryssa Caetano Pereira
Freedom International | Localization Project Manager

“Working with Eva is easy and fun. You can rely on her for every detail, and deadlines are kept without fail. I have recommended her many times and the clients have always been grateful and excited to find such an excellent translator.”


Susanne van Eyl
van Eyl, Inc. | Translation and Localization Specialist

“Die Zusammenarbeit mit Eva habe ich als sehr angenehm und professionell empfunden. Ich war mit den Übersetzungen immer sehr zufrieden.”

English Translation:
“I found collaborating with Eva to be very pleasant and professional. I was always very satisfied with the quality of her work.”


Carsten W. Henning
XPLN | Brand Manager

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